Are You Facing Housing Association Disrepair And Negligence?

Sophia Harris

November 3, 2023

Are You Facing Housing Association Disrepair And Negligence?

As a tenant living in a council or housing association property, you are legally entitled to a safe, secure and well-maintained living space in the UK. With an average housing association disrepair compensation of £1,895, take the first step towards securing your rights. Start Your Claim Today

Seeking Resolution for Unresolved Housing Association Disrepair?

Have you notified your landlord about the essential repairs required in your house, only to face ongoing delays in addressing these critical issues? We have come to you with a meticulous solution. There is no better time than now to explore how we can make a difference and make a no win no fee housing association disrepair claim.

Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive assessment of no win no fee housing association disrepair claims free of charge. We go the extra mile by determining the potential success of your housing association disrepair claim without burdening you with any upfront expenses. 

Should we recognize a robust case, we’ll not only represent you on a no-win, no-fee basis but also ensure that our fee remains capped at a maximum of 25% of your total compensation. Most importantly, our commitment extends to overseeing all necessary repairs by your landlord without any deductions from the repair costs, therefore helping you secure adequate housing association tenant rights.

Discover how we can empower you to resolve your repairs and promptly secure the compensation you deserve.

What Is A “Disrepaired” House?

  • Have you taken the necessary steps to inform your landlord about the required repairs, only to find that they remain unresolved?
  • Do your calls and notifications, over and over again, go unnoticed?
  • Do you have sufficient evidence to prove that you had informed your council or housing association regarding the disrepair? 

If yes, then you must get in touch with us to check your eligibility for a housing association disrepair claim.

As a tenant residing in a property provided by your local council or a housing association, you uphold housing association tenant rights to live in a secure and well-maintained housing association property. Your landlord is legally obligated to promptly and satisfactorily address the repair issues you’ve raised. 

Should your complaints pertain to any of the housing association disrepair categories listed below, and yet these concerns persist without resolution, our services can ensure your housing association fulfils their repair obligations.

Here, we’ve outlined common examples of housing association disrepair issues that you may have encountered:

  • Water Damage: This includes any harm caused by water infiltration or leakage.
  • Damp or Mould Problems: Issues related to dampness or mould growth within your association houses.
  • Roof or Guttering Deficiencies: This refers to damage or leaks in your roof or gutter system.
  • Faulty Windows and Doors: Instances where windows or doors are damaged or no longer function properly.
  • Non-Working Appliances: Problems with household appliances provided as part of your tenancy.
  • Broken Bathroom Fixtures: Damage to bathroom fittings that need repair.
  • Interior Damage: This encompasses harm to interior elements such as wallpaper, paint, etc. 
  • Electrical Issues: Any electrical problems or damage within your housing association property.
  • Gas and Water Pipe Damage: Damage to internal gas and water pipelines.
  • Other Property Damage: Any additional property damage, significantly putting your physical and psychological well-being, not covered by the above categories.

If you’ve reported any of these housing association disrepair issues to your landlord, and they have not addressed them promptly, you may be eligible to pursue a no win no fee housing association disrepair claim and legal compensation.

Regrettably, we cannot offer assistance if your tenancy is under a private landlord and not within the purview of a housing association or council.

No Win No Fee Housing Association Disrepair Claims

At My Disrepair Claims, we assess all housing disrepair claims free of charge. We determine how successful a housing association disrepair claim could be without you spending a penny! If you have a good case, we will act for you on a no win no fee housing association disrepair claim. 

Our expert housing association disrepair solicitors are dedicated to clients, ensuring the best outcome is made available to you, and support is given every step of the way!

When you reach out to us with a housing disrepair concern, we provide you with a dedicated housing association disrepair specialist who will carry out their case from beginning to completion. They will work on your behalf to ensure your landlord carries out any necessary repairs and recover any compensation due for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. 

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Who Can You Pursue A Housing Association Claim Against?

Recent reports highlight a trend where 525,000 social homes are rented under substandard living conditions. This staggering figure represents nearly 1 in every 7 association houses throughout England. Notably, 244,000 of these housing association properties are classified as having a category one safety hazard, which signifies the highest level of risk.*

Nevertheless, as a tenant, you possess certain fundamental housing association tenant rights. Among these rights is the expectation that your landlord is responsible for maintaining your association houses in a safe and reasonably well-kept condition. 

Furthermore, they are legally obligated to promptly address any defects, disrepairs or issues you bring to their attention. If they fail to meet these obligations, you retain the right to initiate a legal housing association disrepair claim to secure compensation and ensure the necessary repairs are carried out.

*This data from the government-commissioned English Housing Survey is accessible for reference here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a tenant, you hold housing association tenant rights, and one of them is the expectation that your landlord, whether the local council or a housing association, maintains your living space in a safe and reasonable state of repair. 

They are also legally bound to address any defects you report promptly. If they fail to meet these obligations, you have the right to take action to ensure necessary repairs are made and potentially seek compensation.

If you’re facing issues with your local housing association property or, perhaps, facing council housing disrepair, whether they concern internal or external damage, you likely have a valid claim. Reach out to us, and we’ll assess your situation to determine how we can assist you.

To kickstart the claims process, you’ll need to contact us first. We can arrange a call-back to save you from incurring any charges. During this initial contact, one of our housing disrepair specialist advisors will quickly assess your case. If deemed appropriate, we’ll arrange to inspect your property to document any damages. 

Following acquiring this crucial evidence, we’ll offer to represent you on a no win no fee housing association disrepair claim basis. From there, you can rest assured as your solicitor takes over and manages the rest of the process.

We possess extensive expertise in presenting housing association disrepair cases, most compellingly increasing your chances of a successful outcome. Our solicitors and surveyors are committed to your cause, and we handle your case on a no win no fee housing association disrepair basis. Together, we oversee the entire process, ensuring your voice is heard and taken seriously.

Our initial assessment of your case is completely free of charge. We strictly adhere to a no win no fee housing association disrepair claim policy, meaning that it won’t cost you anything if your case doesn’t succeed. You only pay when your case results in a successful outcome, and the cost is deducted from any compensation you receive. 

Importantly, this fee will always be at most 25% of your total compensation. Moreover, we guarantee that we won’t deduct anything from the cost of repairs; it’s our commitment to ensuring your landlord carries out all necessary repairs.


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