What Can I Do About Disrepair In My House

Sophia Harris

December 18, 2023

Disrepair In My House - What Can You Do About House Disrepair

If you’re residing in a social house and your home is plagued by mould and fungus, and you’re wondering what can I do about disrepair in my house, you have come to the right place! Our dedicated team of housing disrepair solicitors is here to assist you. We specialise in helping you secure the necessary repairs and claim compensation for any physical or financial hardships you’ve endured due to the housing disrepair.

What Can You Do About House Disrepair?

Your local authority council or housing association ensures that your living space adheres to specific standards and is well-maintained. If these obligations have been neglected, our housing disrepair claims solicitors are ready to step in and help you navigate the process of claiming the essential repairs. Moreover, we are committed to aiding you in seeking compensation for damages to your belongings, health issues, and injuries stemming from these housing issues.

So, if you are still struggling with the thought of what can I do about disrepair in my house; don’t let housing disrepair affect your quality of life any longer. Contact our team to start the journey toward a safer, more comfortable home environment.

What Constitutes a ‘State of Housing Disrepair’?

Following housing disrepair law, a residence is considered in a ‘state of disrepair’ when it has not been adequately maintained by the landlord, housing associations or councils, to the extent that urgent repairs become imperative. 

  • Disrepair could substantially damage a single room or multiple areas within your home. 
  • In some unfortunate cases, occupants may find certain rooms completely unusable due to the council’s neglect and the prevailing disrepair. 
  • Such situations might also damage personal belongings, including clothing and furniture, and adversely affect your health.

The scope of disrepair is comprehensive, encompassing various issues, such as structural defects, mould and dampness, gas or water leaks, infestations of vermin or pests, malfunctioning central heating systems, and a lack of hot water. 

These disrepair issues are often interconnected and can give rise to one another. Moreover, they can lead to health complications, substantial property damage, and, ultimately, render your home uninhabitable.

Therefore, it is not unusual for people to ask what can I do about the disrepair in my house. At my disrepair claims, we understand your situation and stand ready to provide legal guidance for housing disrepair compensation while ensuring all the necessary repairs have been made.

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What Can I Do About Disrepair in My House: Take 3 Steps!

Structural damage, mould and dampness, water and gas leaks, vermin infestations, and the absence of heating or hot water can all transform your property into a hazardous and inhospitable place to reside. Following are the necessary steps that you can take if you are struggling with disrepair in your house:

  • Consult a professional for housing disrepair claims and compensation
  • Regular maintenance of the property you reside in after the repairs are done
  • Address issues immediately to ensure one problem doesn’t lead to another

Let’s discuss these 3 steps in further detail to answer your question “What can I do about disrepair in my house?” thoroughly. 

Consult a Professional 

In an ideal scenario, housing disrepair issues should never arise, as councils and landlords are responsible for promptly addressing these serious concerns as soon as they manifest. Regrettably, some councils fall short of their duties, subjecting tenants to substandard living conditions over extended periods.

Your landlord is entrusted, by law, with ensuring the following:

  • Boiler Safety: Your boiler is not only safe but also functioning optimally.
  • Prompt Structural Repairs: All structural issues are addressed without delay.
  • Roof and Plasterwork Maintenance: The roof and plasterwork receive due maintenance.
  • Leak Repairs: Any leaks are swiftly and effectively repaired.
  • Damp and Mould Remediation: Areas affected by dampness and mould are treated and have their root causes resolved.
  • Rot Removal: Wet and dry rot are eradicated.
  • Subsidence Management: Subsidence concerns are competently addressed.
  • Sewer Repairs: Broken sewers are promptly rectified.
  • Electrical Safety: Any damaged or exposed wiring is replaced.
  • Gas and Water Leak Resolution: Gas and water leaks are handled expeditiously.
  • Central Heating Repairs: Malfunctioning central heating systems are repaired or replaced.
  • Security Measures: You are provided with adequate security measures.

Should your landlord or council fail in any of these responsibilities, our team of housing disrepair solicitors are poised to assist you in pursuing the necessary repairs. No more worrying about what can I do about disrepair in my house! With our assistance, you can free yourself from the spectre of disrepair-induced health issues.

1. Housing Disrepair Law

In light of the growing number of complaints and house disrepair issues in the UK, our housing disrepair solicitors follow three primary housing disrepair laws to take action and advice. These laws include the following: 

Our team of housing disrepair solicitors in the UK boasts extensive experience in successfully handling the most common housing disrepair compensation claims. Over the years, we have secured substantial settlements, recouping thousands of pounds for our clients who have suffered due to the negligence of their landlords and councils.

2. Taking Legal Action

No one should endure substandard and deteriorating living conditions. Housing disrepair resulting from your landlord’s negligence is unacceptable and potentially harmful to you and your family’s well-being.

Our team of housing disrepair solicitors specialises in handling cases related to disrepair in social housing. We are equipped to assist you in pursuing claims to compel your landlord to carry out essential repairs and even seek compensation for the disrepair-related issues you’ve endured.

If your council or social property is in disrepair and your landlord has been unresponsive, contact our housing solicitors today. We always work on a no-win no-fee model, ensuring that not even a penny out of your pocket goes to waste. 

4. Housing Disrepair Compensation

If your personal property has sustained damage or been rendered unusable due to disrepair, or if you or your family have endured health issues stemming from these conditions, you may be entitled to housing disrepair compensation. 

Additionally, we can pursue a housing disrepair compensation claim if your property has become uninhabitable or your daily life has been disrupted due to these issues. What’s more? Our no-win no-fee model provides the guidance and support you need to seek the compensation you deserve.

Click here to speak with one of our housing disrepair solicitors regarding your situation. We offer free, no-obligation advice detailing the relevant legislation that supports your claim. 

Regular Maintenance

Our professional housing disrepair solicitors ensure that you not only get compensated but also that all the necessary repairs are done in a timely manner. Therefore, we ensure that your property is habitable and safe for living. Nevertheless, once your claim has been successful and you have been compensated for the disrepairs, ensuring regular maintenance after the repairs is your responsibility. 

Address Issues Immediately

In addition to regular maintenance, timely and promptly informing your landlord or council in case of an issue is also the tenant’s responsibility. Finally, tenants always need to give the landlord adequate time so that they can make the repairs before involving a legal professional in the disrepair issue. 

Following these three simple steps, even if you are residing in a disrepair property, you can get it fixed. Moreover, you can not only eliminate the constant anxiety behind what can I do about disrepair in my house, but also ensure that your living space is habitable. 

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Our House Disrepair Solicitors Can Assist You? 

If you are constantly distressed because you think there’s nothing I can do about disrepair in my house, take a deep breath, we’ve got you! 

Our disrepair solicitors have a wealth of experience in cases where tenants have been treated unfairly and misinformed about their rights by their social landlords. All our disrepair solicitors are duly authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).

Our team of housing disrepair solicitors go beyond merely helping you file a housing health claim. They provide comprehensive guidance and unwavering support when you’ve endured hardships, ensuring you receive the justice you deserve. 

How to Pursue Housing Disrepair Claims

You are not under any obligation to shoulder the responsibility for housing disrepair issues in your home, nor are you obliged to suffer in silence. If you have attempted to resolve the matter directly with your landlord and the landlord has neglected your request, make a housing disrepair claim today! 

Initiating a claim with our no-win no-fee housing solicitors is straightforward and hassle-free. The following are the easy steps that you’ll need to cooperate with: 

  1. You’ll need to contact us by filling out a straightforward form. Then, we begin by thoroughly assessing your circumstances to chart the most effective course of action. 
    1. Our initial consultation is free of charge, allowing us to understand your situation comprehensively. 
    2. If necessary, we may engage an independent surveyor to visit your premises and ascertain the extent of the issues.
  2. Following this evaluation, either you or we can contact your landlord to outline the necessary repairs that must be undertaken.
  3. Should your landlord fail to take corrective action or carry out repairs in an unsatisfactory manner, we can escalate the matter to a county court claim.
  4. Regardless of whether a county court claim is pursued, you may still be entitled to housing disrepair compensation for the distress and inconvenience you have endured.
  5. To explore your options and take the first step towards resolving your housing disrepair issues, we encourage you to contact a member of our team of housing disrepair solicitors today.

Conclusive Remarks 

In conclusion, housing disrepair is not a burden you have to bear alone. We understand if you want to eliminate this one thought: What can I do about disrepair in my house? Our dedicated team of housing disrepair solicitors is here to provide expert legal guidance and support. 

Your right to safe and habitable living conditions is paramount, and we are committed to ensuring your house becomes a home once more. If you’ve endured health issues or property damage because you thought there was nothing I could do about the disrepair in your house, no need to stress further! Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. 

We are well-versed in the legislation supporting your claim and will work tirelessly to secure the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve. Your well-being is our priority, and together, we can address disrepair, get you housing disrepair compensation and restore your peace of mind. Contact MyDisrepairClaims today! 


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